Nalej of Self, (Pronounced “Knowledge of Self”) has had its doors open for a year and a half. Nalej of Self seeks to serve a population around Mind, Body and Spirit.  Life has a peculiar way of uprooting us, during different times in our lives. It seems that it is through these times, that we find it most difficult to be grounded. These times may jolt us, and create a space of uncertainty. In this, we may adapt ways of coping that actually increase our suffering. Or maybe we completely shut down to avoid the emotional pain. At times we may spiral into heavy places that we get so used to they become the norm.


Nalej of Self, is dedicated to helping people through first acknowledging where they are, then setting goals for where they would like to be. Through our work together, we will explore what this looks like for you, and how we can move forward together. Ways to reconnect with self, through grounding and mindfulness, that will increase the ability to build/ re-build a fruitful life.


"Love self. Dig deep. Be grounded. Live with purpose. Grow. Let me help you get there."

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