Meet Jelan Agnew, LCSW

My name is Jelan Agnew, LCSW the founder of Nalej of Self, LLC. My brain chemistry causes me to struggle with Depression and Anxiety, which makes me magical. I am a Black Therapist with a Black Therapist. My Passion and Purpose is helping Black and Brown humans with generational trauma, by creating new ways of being through healing Mind, Body and Spirit. 


I have been working in the field of social work for 16 years. I completed my  undergraduate degree in Psychology and African American Studies at Temple University in 2007. While attending Temple University, I can identify two unique experiences which continue to inform my work today. These experiences, the “Drugs in America” course that took place in a Maximum Security Prison in Philadelphia with both students and inmates, and study abroad in Ghana, continue to serve as a meaningful foundation for both trauma informed and culturally competent work. In 2011, I graduated from the University of Connecticut with a Masters in Social Work, and completed my LCSW in 2014.


During my time in the field I have worked in Philadelphia, PA,  New York City  and Connecticut.  My diverse experience includes care management, work in community centers, in home therapy,  residential and group homes, 28 day rehab, homeless shelters, extended day treatment, school social work, outpatient, intensive outpatient etc… I have done individual, group and family therapy for ages 5-65. I am a Behavioral Therapist, and my training includes  extensive training in trauma- focused treatment, therapeutic mindfulness and meditation and 80 hours of advanced Dialectical Behavior Therapy training.  I also had the amazing opportunity to teach as an adjunct Professor at the Eastern CT State University, teaching, “Intro to Social Work”.


Nalej of Self, LLC (pronounced knowledge of self), opened its doors in 2017. The Nalej of Self, LLC mission is to help Black and Brown humans with generational trauma, by creating new ways of being through healing Mind, Body and Spirit. Since Nalej of Self, LLC has opened its doors, I have been interviewed on 94.3FM, on a special with CUNY schools with Mike Gilliam, and participated in a Documentary about anxiety on CPTV/PBS called “Uncertainty”. 


In addition to being a therapist, I am a teacher. As a teacher, I use culmination of my education, experience in the field, life experience, spirituality and my story. While I have struggled immensely with mental health, my story is one of trials, tribulation and triumph. All of which I share as a tool of in my work. Despite many rejections,  closed doors, and "No’s", I stand today an LCSW, Therapist, Entrepreneur, Adjunct Professor, Homeowner, Landlord and Real Estate Agent. 


 Nalej of Self, LLC offers Workshops, Trainings, Clinical Supervision, Consultation and Public Speaking. I am honored to do this work and am always grounded in #Gratitude. With my Higher Lower, Spirit Guides and the direction of my Ancestors I am #Manifesting a life I don’t need a vacation from. I hope you will give me a chance to help you do the same.