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The Mindful Burnout Recovery Coaching Program is designed for high-achieving women, who are feeling overwhelmed, stressed out and experiencing burnout. Through one-on-one coaching sessions, and the Mindful Burnout Recovery Roadmap, we will work together to develop a personal mindfulness plan to help you overcome burnout.


In the last couple of years, I've seen so many people talking about burnout. Feeling overwhelmed, stressed out and feeling like they are on a loop of fatigue. We know that burnout has lasting effects on our mental, physical and spiritual health. We’ve seen how burnout literally makes us sick, and watched the impacts it has had on friends and family.


I created the Mindful Burnout Recovery coaching program with you in mind sis! Overcoming burnout is more than just self-care. Overcoming burnout is taking a look at the value systems that keep us in the patterns that cause burnout. You built a life on outdated values that you don't believe in anymore. In my program, we take a deep look into these patterns.


Together, we'll create a personalized mindfulness plan that addresses the root causes of your burnout. The Mindful Burnout Recovery Roadmap, explores topics like setting boundaries, overcoming achievement addiction, reevaluating your values, finding joy and hobbies, balancing responsibilities, and maintaining your mental and physical health.


Burnout can have long-lasting effects on your well-being, but investing in yourself and working with me can help you become the best version of yourself. Click the link to schedule a call and let's start your journey towards balance and fulfillment today!

What’s Included?

1:1 Coaching

This program is a 6 month coaching program. We will meet for 18 60- minute  coaching sessions. 


Mindful Burnout Recovery Roadmap

The Mindful Burnout Recovery Roadmap is a 9 step guide to overcoming burnout. The Mindful Burnout Recovery Roadmap takes a deep dive into values, achievement addiction, boundary setting and prioritizing mental/ physical health. It has customized exercises and journal prompts to be used between sessions.


Personal Mindfulness Plan

Through an in depth and self- reflective process, we will create a personal mindfulness plan to implement to maintain results.


Better work-life balance

Improved mental/ physical health

Increased Productivity 

Overcome burnout



$5k or $950/ month

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