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At Nalej Of Self, LLC we offering coaching around shifting ones mindset from Survival Mode to Thriving. Jelan utilizes her expertise as a behavioral therapist of 10+ years to help women shift their mindset. Studies show that being in survival mode exhausts the system and creates perpetual mental, physical and spiritual illness. Survival mode, or fight or flight, is not meant to be a consistent state of being. Many people are taught survival mode as a regular way of being, and do not learn to rest. In fact, were often taught to feel guilty about resting. And yet, our mind, body and spirit require rest, to regenerate. Maintaining survival mode impacts one’s state of health, and causes perpetual fatigue.


Thriving requires a rewiring of the brain, and a whole different set of values and beliefs. An anti-hustle coach, Jelan utilizes specialized techniques, rooted in thriving, to assist you with goal setting, plan implementation and accountability. Using a combination of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy techniques, a trauma informed lens and cultivating a mindfulness practice, Jelan helps women create a new mindset, with thriving as the foundation


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