Knowledge of Self Workshops

Mindfulness & Meditation:

This workshop will address the benefits of mindfulness and meditation in different settings. Using “Metta” or loving kindness to bring compassion into spaces where stress is high. This workshop can take place with a range of age groups and professions.


Knowledge of Self:

This workshop will address parts of "Self" of women of color. Workshops will address a range of issues and create a meaningful dialogue to increase sense of self, increase mindfulness and promote mind, body, and spiritual healing.


The Magic of Healing:

  1. 8 week long trauma informed curriculum

  2. Each session is 1.5 hours

  3. Each session will address issues such as life skills, emotion regulation, spirituality, decrease trauma responses, and navigating spaces as women of color.​​



Nalej of Self can create workshops based on the needs of the population.


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"Love self. Dig deep. Be grounded. Live with purpose. Grow. Let me help you get there."