Cornelius (CJ) Harris, identifies as a Solution-Focused Therapist, who is currently getting exceptional training in trauma-focused treatment, therapeutic mindfulness and grounding techniques. CJ’s motivation to get into the field of Therapy has everything to do with identifying ineffective, unproductive and/or harmful cycles/patterns, while collaboratively working toward creating new, more effective and productive patterns through healing. Although CJ has a desire to fulfill this goal, authentically, with any and everyone who seeks therapy, he does have a passion for healing within the BIPOC community, who are less likely to receive mental health care, has suffered from underrepresentation within this field as well as a disproportionately high burden of disability resulting from mental disorders.  


Individual Therapy with CJ

Pricing: Self Pay $125.00


Mon and Wed 11am  & Tues and Thurs 6pm

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