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Our Workshops

Corporate Mindfulness Workshops

“Getting back to normal”, seems to be the push, although returning to a previous way of existing almost seems impossible for many. Since 2020, we all have experienced so much loss and so much change. At Nalej of Self, LLC we provide mindfulness workshops to organizations, to discuss how to create a new normal. Using the principles of mindfulness and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), we discuss topics like burnout, compassion fatigue, loss/grief, work/family balance, mental health struggles etc… We provide trauma informed mindfulness techniques to help employees and employers, establish a more grounded and mindful “new normal”. Our goal, at Nalej of Self, LLC is to help organizations with increased emotion regulation, interpersonal skills and an increase ability to manage stress. These workshops are great for boosting morale and teambuilding! Nalej of  Self, LLC has provided Mindfulness Workshops for Nachaug Hospital, University of Connecticut School of Social Work, Copper Beech, Family Centered Services of CT, Capitol Region Education Council, National Association of Health Services, Connecticut Health Center, Women’s Consortium, Laurel House, Department of Mental Health and Addictions, The Connecticut Business & Industry Association etc…


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